Désignation: Malangan Mask
Pays: New Ireland
Date: 19th century
Taille: Height: 42 cm
Description: A fine example of the prototypical tatanua design, the helmet portion of this mask is composed of a rattan frame with a sagittal crest of light brown fibers; the sides are covered with lime plaster sculpted in curvilinear design; the face is carved from soft wood, pierced through at the eyes and mouth. Two opercula from the seashell Turbo petholatus are set in as eyes. The face painted with white, yellow, red and black pigments in classic Malangan designs; a vail of thin bark cloth hangs from the helmet rim.
Collection number "634-82/Hornung(?)/L.949.Nr.4" written on interior

Richard Monsein Gallery, Santa Monica, California
John and Marian Scott Collection, Manhattan Beach, California, acquired from the above in 1982

Michael Gunn, Philippe Peltier, New Ireland, Art of the South Pacific, 5 Continents, Musée du Quai Branly, 2008.