Désignation: knife
Pays: India
Date: 18 - 19th century
Description: A Khandjarli with a large ivory hilt. Pierced gold flower-heads each set with a cabochon ruby cover the rivets which secure the ivory to the tang. The blade is of conventional form. The sheath is made from two pieces of buffalo-horn with a plain gold locket and chape.

This model differs from others, having an ivory quill on block instead of an iron plate, and not being fitted with a knuckle-guard.

India, Probably Vizianagram or Orissa, 18-19th century

Provenance : Robert Hales, London, UK

Ref. Biblio.: "Islamic and Oriental Arms and Armour : A lifetime's passion", Robert Hales, UK, 2013

Condition : no restoration
Arms and Armor of the Samurai, Ian Bottomley, Anthony Hopson Random House Value Publishing, 1993